Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams? Why You Need to Be Practical When It Comes to the Venue

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You've already decided that you want it to be memorable and distinctive and that you want the ceremony to take place in an unusual location. If you've chosen your spot, then you next need to consider the logistics. You will likely have to bring in a special marquee to house the celebrations. What do you need to consider when you're assessing your options?

Being Practical

Firstly, you will need to look at the venue through cold, practical eyes. Don't get too enthusiastic with visions of your perfectly romantic day unless you're sure everything will work without any problems.

Is the open area you want to use completely suitable for a marquee? Ideally, it shouldn't be too exposed to the elements. You need to see whether or not adjacent hedges, trees or buildings can help to deflect any persistent wind. If it is a bit exposed, then this will dictate not only the type of marquee that you use, but the way it is designed for the venue and the process used to secure it to the ground.

Planning It Out

Remember that quite a bit of the area surrounding your marquee location will have to be reserved for suitable pegs, ropes and ratchet straps that will secure the tent in place. Additional special weights will have to be brought in if you plan to place the marquee on to a paved surface, as opposed to soft ground.

What type of marquee do you have in mind? Some people like to have a structure that is as bright and airy as possible and may want to have the sides open. Remember to plan your site so that the tent is not left vulnerable to strong wind gusts. This will be especially the case if some sides are left open while others are not.

Servicing Your Occasion

Next you will need to figure out how the tent will be serviced on the day. Do you have a separate entrance for workers and products to be delivered? If the reception will be held in the marquee, then you should have an area closed off at the back where food and drink can be served. You need to ensure that the relevant amount of power can be delivered for not just the caterers, but for any lighting or PA. If this power is to be delivered by generator, have you determined where this unit is going to sit, so it does not provide a noise distraction?

Remembering One Very Important Area

Don't forget you will need an adequate number of rented washrooms and toilets for your guests. Do not skimp in this area if you want to have a truly memorable day. Allow for an upscale experience here, even if it does add quite a bit to the budget.

Focusing on the Details

With adequate preparation, your wedding day can live up to your dreams, but remember that it will all revolve around your advance planning.