Fill My Heart With Song: A Quick Guide for Choosing the Perfect DJ for Your Wedding

Inviting a local DJ to play at your wedding ceremony or reception is a vital element of creating a romantic, celebratory mood on your special day. To help you select the right DJ for your wedding, check out this quick guide.


After planning the minute visual details of your ceremony and reception, the excellent presentation of your wedding music is a high priority on your special day. Prior to booking a wedding DJ, take the time to discuss the presentation of their act. Ask questions about the style of music they usually play and have in their repertoire — if you are hoping for a mix of party-pleasing tunes, a modern club DJ may not meet your needs. Also ask about the lighting and special effects included in the DJ's hire fee — will there be a light show, access to a video projector, or special effects such as lasers or a fog machine? To ensure that your wedding DJ meets your dress code, you may also want to ask what they will be wearing to the big day.


Music is a wonderful way to personalise your wedding day, so whether or not your carefully selected playlist is adhered to is vital to the success of your ceremony and reception. Chat with your DJ prior to the day about following your playlist, as well as about how they will motivate the crowd to dance and how they plan to keep the sound level comfortable for all your invited guests. Ask about their song request policy - is it okay for guests to request their favourite songs throughout the night? If there are any songs that you specifically don't want to have played on the day, make sure your DJ has a "do not play" list!

Plan B

What happens if your DJ is sick, their equipment is damaged prior to your wedding day, or they just simply cannot make it to the venue? Ask your DJ what their Plan B is if things go wrong. What are their sick day and cancellation policies? Do they have access to back-up equipment or a replacement DJ if they cannot make it? You may also want to find out if they have liability insurance in case their equipment is damaged on your wedding day so that you are not liable to replace expensive musical equipment.

For more information, tips and recommendations, chat with your experienced local wedding hire professionals today.