Two Different Types Of Marquee Tents You Can Hire For Your Event

The use of tents at events, be it weddings or garden parties, is not new. However, the rise in popularity of the marquee is! Although this type of tent is by no means a new entrant to the market, it remains the go-to option for individuals looking for a spacious tent that will make a statement at their event. The unwavering popularity of marquee tents can also be attributed to the fact that they are available at different price points, and most can suit any venue! Thus, if you are in search of a tent for hire, this option could be the best one for you. Nonetheless, you still have to decide on which style of marquee will be ideal for your occasion. Below are just two of the assorted types of marquee tents that you can consider hiring for your event.

The trapeze marquee tent

If you are looking for a tent that will make a statement at your event, then you should choose to hire the trapeze marquee. Rather than relying on a frame or poles to support the fabric, trapeze marquees are characterised by the tension rods that are employed to secure them in place. The great thing about the trapeze marquee is that its design makes it highly resistant to gusts of wind. Thus, if you are holding an event by the beach, this will be the perfect solution for keeping the sea breeze at bay. The second advantage of trapeze marquees is that they are available in a range of sizes and can be assembled in a multitude of layouts. Thus you can opt to hire out different profiles of these tents to create a unique arrangement of tents that will function to divide separate areas. For instance, you could have a small-sized marquee for the buffet area and a larger option for the main sitting area.

The clear-span marquee tent

Usually considered a classic option in regards to the various types of marquee tents, the clear span is a perfect solution for individuals who do not want the tent to overshadow the décor choices for the event. This type of marquee tent comprises a frame made from aluminium, on which the fabric is draped. Since there are no support poles inside the tent, the clear-span option is quite spacious and is perfect for ease of traffic. In addition to this, the clear-span marquee is not secured in place by pegs, and this makes it an ideal option for any type of surface. Although it is referred to as a clear tent, you are not limited when it comes to colour selection. For instance, if you need a tent for a wedding, you can choose to have the marquee in a hue that matches the colour scheme of the event.

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