Top Tips When Planning Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event? Corporate events are an opportunity to meet with your various publics, reinforce your organisation's beliefs and improve your brand image. Read this guide for some tips on how to plan and execute a corporate event

Know Your Guests

Your guests will significantly impact how you will plan your event. For example, you will need extra security if you will have VIP guests during the event. You should also check the age group of your guests. Incorporate creative ideas if you will have young people at the event. For instance, you could ask them to wear themed costumes, have cocktail drinking competitions or participate in rapid-fire challenges. Send invites a few weeks before the party and ask your guests to confirm attendance. It will help you know the number of people that will attend the event. 

Choosing A Location

Below are some tips to help you chose an appropriate location for your event. 

The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate all your guests.

The venue should have essential amenities such as parking and clean washrooms.

If you are on a budget, convert your premises into the event venue. For instance, you could use the parking lot or rooftop.

The venue must be accessible to guests. Otherwise, they could be late to arrive.  

Hire An Event Planner

An event planner will help you organise the corporate event. Consider the following when hiring an event planner. 

Your event planner must be experienced. Preferably, he or she should have planned similar events in the past.

Inquire about the planner's services. For instance, some planners will offer consultation services while others provide tents, décor, catering and seats.

Examine the planner's terms. For example, how much will he or she charge? When should you make payments? Remember to check the terms of contract termination.

Check how the planner will handle unforeseen events. For instance, when planning an outdoors event, how will the planner deal with harsh weather? Typically, the planner should have an alternative venue. 

Execution Tips

The venue should be ready a few hours before guests begin to stream in. Inspect the venue to ensure the lights and sound system are fully functional. Have ushers to invite guests and show them to their tables. It will help avoid confusion. Meet with your guest speakers and ask them to observe time when giving their speeches. Otherwise, guests could get bored. If possible, alcoholic drinks should be served as the event comes to a close.