Four Fun Party Themes for Kids

Few memories stay in place as long as a favourite childhood birthday party.  With the right atmosphere and mood, you can create one of the best days of your child's life—and that's a wonderful thing to experience as a parent, too.  One thing a good party definitely needs to succeed, especially for a younger child, is a strong theme.  Sometimes, it can be hard to think of an original idea to build on, so here are four great ideas to use as starting points.


If your child is interested in dressing up, strutting down your corridors and posing for the camera, then a fashion party could be perfect!  Not only does it mean that parents won't need to come up with complicated costumes for the other attendees, but it's also really easy to flesh out and create activities for.  Why not hire a photo booth from a party hire company, along with various hats and accessories for the 'models' to dress up in?  Hired disco lights can double up as camera flashes for the end of a 'catwalk , 'and Musical Statues is no longer just about dancing, but posing the house down.  Just be sure you've got enough film in your camera!

Heroes vs. Villains

Separate your invitees into two groups—heroes and villains.  Heroes should come dressed as a famous 'good' character, and 'villains' should come dressed as a famous baddie.  Superhero costumes are very popular, so they'll be easy to hire out if you'd prefer not to buy—but any well-loved characters will do.  Your two teams can be pitted against one another in various party games and reunited for the last half-hour of the party on the dancefloor.


If you're willing to get covered in flour, you could forgo baking the birthday cake in advance and have all your guests bake and decorate some cupcakes. This will require a lot of preparation with ingredients, and you may need to hire chairs, tables and cutlery to ensure that everybody has somewhere to sit and something to cook with—but if done correctly, every guest will take home their own efforts, having spent a great time being creative.


What sounds like a fairly standard party theme can turn into something truly magical with the right ideas!  Hire out a room for the party and flood it with fancy blue, green and purple lighting to turn it into an underwater experience.  You'll be able to hire underwater props, too—think water features, free-standing seaweed, bubble machines, and maybe even a couple of fishy friends.  Guests can be invited to dress as one of several different groups—are they a shark, a mermaid or a pirate?—and dive into the fun.

Of course, there's no limit to what you can do with the right ideas and equipment.  If any of these ideas has sparked your imagination, see what you can find for hire in your local area to really enhance the party experience.  Memories are waiting to be made...