Why to Hire a Marquee for Your Next Event

Whether you're in charge of organising a birthday party, corporate or family event or even your own special day, hiring a marquee can make the whole process a lot less stressful. In fact, with summer well underway, more and more people are opting to stage their events outdoors under marquees. Not only do marquee-hiring services give you extensive control over the look, design and location of your event, but they also allow you to tailor your marquee to your needs and to what you're willing to spend. The benefits are worth considering. 

Choose your location

Marquees are easy to transport and quick to set up and pack away again. If nothing else, they give you a host of options you wouldn't have otherwise. Unlike if you're throwing an event in a convention hall or pub, you're not restricted to any particular area in the building or any particular schedule. Your event can take place practically anywhere, be it a park, beach or other favourite spot outdoors, at practically any hour of day or night. At the same time, your guests have the choice of spending their time in the sun or in the shade. The fresh air will also add a liveliness and natural beauty to your function that is especially wonderful if you're planning a wedding

Tailor it to your needs and budget 

Marquees come in a great variety of designs and sizes. Which size you choose depends entirely on you, what you want to include, and how much you want to spend. If your guest list is particularly long, and you're planning to include many large tables, chairs or elaborate seating arrangements, a large marquee may be the way to go. If you want to set your event in the backyard of your home, a small marquee may fit better. By inquiring about sizes and designs beforehand, you're guaranteed to not spend more than you need to.

Take full creative control 

Finally, a marquee gives you even more choice in regard to its overall look and any decorations you want to include. Marquees can come in many colours and styles, so you're able to choose a marquee that fits your location and the type of function you're throwing. You're also not limited in any other aesthetic features you want to include. Whether it's a parade of flowers or colourful streamers, you can really make your marquee your own. 

For more information, consult a variety of marquee-renting services. They'll help you tailor the marquee to your needs and desires.